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The school pays attention to promoting the internationalization of education, adheres to open education, commits to holding high-level academic activities, strengthens international cooperation and exchanges of teachers and students, and prompts teachers and students to fast understanding of international academic frontiers and latest academic achievements, so as to enhance the international competitiveness and influence of the school. Since 2013, the school has hosted a total of 10 domestic and international academic conferences, has hired more than 10 well-known scholars from the United States, Britain, Japan, and other countries, and has cultivated over 20 international students.

The school has signed bilateral cooperation agreement with University of Novosibirsk under USCO. Postgraduate students majoring in Ecology from the two universities have opportunities to exchange for six to twelve months. The school has also signed bilateral cooperation agreement with Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and students can receive degrees from both universities after graduation. In addition, the school has carried out extensive cooperation with Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow University and other Russian educational institutions. Meanwhile, the school has signed exchange agreement with University of Manchester and has completed course docking. Now, University of Manchester gives priority to the reception of the self-paying students from our school. The school also undertakes the National Ecological Environmental Technology and Management Talent Cultivation Project of "One Belt and One Road" Program, and a number of international students from the countries along the route have been officially enrolled to our school.