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Every year, more than 10 international famous professors are invited to take part in academic activities, which can facilitate international academic exchange. Meanwhile, well-known scholars from Japan and USA are hired as "Dongshi Scholar" of NENU. Around three to five young teachers from the school are sent abroad to study every year. On the other hand, the school has already cooperated with foreign institutes to co-cultivate postgraduate students. So far, over ten doctor students have obtained the opportunities to study oversea through this program. At the same time, the school also receives a large number of international students and visiting scholars from Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Rwanda, North Korea and other countries each year. Currently, the school has seven international students studying for a degree.

The international research cooperation and exchange of the school are becoming more and more frequent and deep. The school has carried out substantive cooperation with many world-famous universities or institutions in the field of environmental science and environmental engineering, such as Kyoto University, Hokkaido University, Institute of Biological and Soil Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, University of California in Davis, and University of Connecticut. Furthermore, the cooperation between the school and Education University of Hong Kong has been established to explore a new innovation and cultivation mode in the field of student education and practice training.